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wp Angry Mobs in Papua Set Ablaze Police Stations After Recidivist’s Death

December 5, 2012

[COMMENT: Why are large crowds of Papuans  pursuing quite legitimate demands being referred to as 'mobs'? TAPOL]

Angry Mobs in Papua Set Ablaze Police Stations After Recidivist’s Death

The Jakarta Post [website]

Jayapura: Angry mobs set fire to two police stations, Sanggeng market
and Amban, in Manokwari, West Papua, on Wednesday after police shot
dead recidivist Tomotius AP as he attempted to escape arrest.

Papua Police deputy chief Brig. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw said the mobs
destroyed and set fire to the stations while parading an empty coffin
symbolizing the death of Timotius.

“They brought an empty coffin because Timotius’ remains were in a
funeral house in Venindi beach,” he said, as quoted by Antara news

The mobs also reportedly blockaded the main roads in the city,
disrupting regular activity in the city. Markets were closed while
schools ordered the students to go home early.

Paulus said that although he had not yet received a full report on the
incident, he had deployed the Mobile Brigade and community control
unit (Dalmas) personnel to safeguard the city.

Timotius, a convict of numerous crimes–including robbery and
rape—was shot when police attempted to apprehend him on Tuesday
evening after escaping from prison in August.

He died at the Manokwari Navy Hospital with a gunshot wound in his
right waist.

Police said they were forced to shoot the recidivist, who was supposed
to serve an 18-year prison term, because he was carrying a firearm.

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