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wp Speech of President Forkorus Yaboisembut on 1 December 2012

December 1, 2012

Below is an English translation of a speech written by President Forkorus Yaboisembut and read at the West Papua Solidarity Group’s flag raising ceremony in Brisbane today:

(1 DECEMBER 2012)

Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters and all citizens of the nation of Papua, both those in Papua and to those overseas, and all those whom support us around the world.
Shalom! …. Merdeka! ….. Merdeka! …. Merdeka! ….
On this date we commemorate the 51st Anniversary of the Acknowledgment of Independence of our Nation West Papua that was granted by the Government of Netherlands New Guinea on 1 December 1961. The declaration of the independence of the western half of Papua was to become known as the ‘Manifest of Independence of West Papua’ by the National Committee of Papua dated 19 October 1961.

The Manifest of Independence of West Papua basically covered two primary matters:
1.The political declaration that our nation is the Nation of Papua in the State of West Papua.
2. Declaration of our independence as the Nation of Papua in the State of West Papua.
Within the Manifest of Independence of Papua on 19 October 1961, we were asked to bring into reality full independence and to defend and maintain that.
(The following paragraph could not be easily translated as included a number of terms that appear could be Dutch:
Sebagaimana dapat kita baca dalam 2 alinea terakhir dari Manifest Kemerdekaan Papua, yakni : “Atas dasar ini kami bangsa Papoea Menoentoet oentoek mendapat tempat kami sendiri, sama seperti bangsa-bangsa merdeka dan di antara bangsa itoe kami bangsa Papoea ingin hidoep sentosa dan toeroet memelihara perdamaian doenia. Dengan Manifest ini kami mengoendang semoea pendoedoek yang mentjintai tanah air dan bangsa kita Papoea menjetoedjoei manifest ini dan mempertahankan nja, karena inilah satoe-satoe nja dasar kemerdekaan bagi bangsa Papoea.” (dikutip dari sumber asli : Pengantara, Tahun 13 No. 36, 21 Oktober 1961).)

The same matter was drawn in our understandings of the national flag of Papua, which the National Committee of Papua named ‘The Morning Star’. (Some Dutch words and few sentences not translated. )The star above the red field is the people of Papua who with courage are willing to defend their land with all their might and to develop their nation with meaning and happiness. (For the legal aspects please refer to ‘ The Annexation of the Sovereign Independence of the Nation of Papua and Follow Up chapters 11-13 by Forkorus Yaboisembut, S.Pd)

It is my hope that the understanding of our flag the Morning Star will not be distorted, will not be altered from its original meaning in years to come. The white star above the red area is the people of Papua who with courage and trueness of hearts have defended the land within the world, a land full with conflicts.

For more or less 50 years we the people of Papua in the State of West Papua, with courage and trueness of hearts, with good manners and in a peaceful and democratic manner have struggle to defend our independence in accordance with the Manifest of Papua’s Independence and within the understanding of the symbols of the Morning Star flag which is full of politics, economics and the maintenance of security for every nation that has received independence before this time. So that we the people of Papua have become victims in the political and economic interests of others.

Whilst defending our land this 50 or so years, have occurred so many types of violations of human rights of our people of Papua by the Indonesian government. The annexation of our independent sovereignty over the land and sea of West Papua has occurred through violent Indonesian military and police operations until now. For more or less 50 years the Indonesian Government has tried to break up the State of Papua and has tried to set in place the State of Indonesia in the State of West Papua. It is Indonesia that has created a state within a state and not the people of Papua.

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters together with the citizens of the nation of Papua and members of the Federal republic of West Papua whom I love and am proud of.
As the peak of the Struggle for realization of our independent nation of Papua in the State of Papua, we commenced on a path or internal democratic mechanism which is known as the West Papuan Community Congress where from 17-19 October 2011 we carried out the III Congress of the Nation of West Papua in Abepura, Jayapura.

In the final session of the III Congress on 19 October 2011 we read a Declaration of Restoration of Independence of the Nation Papua in the State of West Papua. And at the same time celebrated 50 years since the Manifest of Independence of West Papua as the year of Jobel, the year of freedom.

Why was it referred to as the ‘Declaration of the Restoration of Independence of the Nation of Papua in the State of West Papua?’ Because indeed we received our independence on 19 October 1961 through the Manifest of Papuan Independence at law the first stage of the realization of that on 1 December 1961 which is now 51 years ago. We but restored and completed what was unfinished on 19 October 2011 and since then have been maintaining and defending that for the future.

Our duty our obligation to maintain and defend this is a duty that is indeed a heavy burden. It has been said by a wise person that to create something is easier and not as costly as maintaining and defending it. For to maintain and defend together with developing or renewing happens at the same time as we live as we need to do that. Because to defend something as long as we live needs many major sacrifices.

We at this time must be of greater understanding and awareness in regards to the matter of our existence into the future as the people of Papua; That we are fearful, that we must hide and have to be silent, that we are marginalized, poor and a minority in our land and are becoming wiped out as a people. It is better we struggle and cry-out in a peaceful and democratic matter so that others outside Indonesia can hear us, such that we might finally get help.

I need to remind us that the Declaration of the Restoration of Independence of the Nation of Papua in the state of West Papua as examined from the perspective of international public law is said to be a lawful basis which firstly and primarily came into being with the Federal Republic of West Papua on this earth. Because of that, we do need to worry or be hesitant or fearful to defend our State until it is fully realized with recognition from every nation and members of the United Nations.

Remember the words of the Lord Jesus Christ not to be worried because worrying will not add even a moment to your life (Mathew 6: 25-33). And the Disciple James who carried the Gospel of truth as lead by the Holy Spirit stated that faith alone without works is dead (James 2 : 14-26).

If we pray and ask the Lord to help but we do not make an effort to save ourselves whilst the people of Papua are in danger from marginalization, poverty, having become a minority and our race being wiped out in a process of creeping genocide, then our faith is dead and empty. Our Lord Jesus Christ for certain will carry out miracles where there is real signs of true faith that are true and courageous. Not merely empty words whether in a private way or as the nation of Papua in the State of West Papua.

Therefore I ask you ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters of the nation of Papua, to have non-cooperative attitudes and actions in regards to any developments or areas of life that are on the surface only made out to good and offering prosperity, but in truth in an underhanded way are destroying us the people of Papua from our very basis, our very roots. Desire proof, look around you at this time, in your village, in your clan, in your tribe, within your customs, your land, your forests, your natural resources. Are you increasing or decreasing? Does your land still own you, own the people of Papua? Or are you becoming marginalized, poor, a minority and disappearing from this land, from the natural wealth and your place of labour? Before it is too late, arise and act to NOT CO-OPERATE! Do not wait!

Let us have attitudes and act in non-cooperative ways to save ourselves from this current stormy era of discrimination, marginalization, impoverisation upon a land of natural wealth, becoming increasingly a minority and heading for annihilation of our race through the creeping genocide that is occurring; As living creatures that have been bestowed with energy and abilities to protect and save ourselves from these dangerous threats, whether arising from within Indonesia or from outside.

Consider an example. If we want to pick up a gecko (or a tiny lizard) by its tail, for certain its tail will fall off and it will run away and leave its tail. Thorns on certain grasses that don’t want us to touch them will close their grass around them to defend themselves. And different nations of humans in the world have at times in the past taken non-cooperative attitudes within a number of circumstances of life to save their people. Therefore it is just that we the people of Papua take on attitudes and actions of non-cooperation to save ourselves. If we break their laws then they act as our colonizer to take over control, to rob and kill us. Whether to kill our identity or our character as the people of Papua, in cultural, economic, political ways, or through the laws and by violations of our human rights and other physical ways. But they cannot kill our spirits, our souls. Only God in Jesus Christ can do that. So do not be afraid of them who cannot kill our spirits and our souls. Fear only the Lord who can take our physical bodies and souls.

Save ourselves so that we can be strong and healthy in all areas in the State of the Federal Republic of West Papua. Then we will be strong and able to help other nations. As only those who are strong and healthy and safe from danger can help others.

Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters, in accordance with fundamental thoughts and concepts that I have conveyed to you today or previously in speeches or statements, we from the Federal Republic of West Papua have taken initiatives to carry out negotiating approaches to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) to organize the acknowledgement and restoration of our government administration in a peaceful and democratic way from RI to the Federal Republic of West Papua in the near future. We did that as it forms a way of finishing the problems according to international mechanisms. So that both sides in the dispute as two independent sovereign civilized nations, in justice and peace can mutually acknowledge each other and appreciate each other’s respective rights.

We from the Federal Republic of West Papua will continue without ceasing to carry out approaches to RI that are rational and democratic and to do so in peaceful ways. The first stage was carried out in the second week of August 2012 when we communicated by letter to the President of RI and finished with a press conference in both Jakarta and Jayapura on 15 August 2012. In the first stage through a letter through our Pre- negotiation Team taken to Jakarta, we aimed to introduce and convey the fundamentals of the political status and legal problem between RI and the Federal Republic of West Papua as declared on 19 October 2011.

The second stage of the process occurred in the first week of October 2012 with material of pre negotiation conditions. Even though these have not yet been discussed and agreed to, we praise God that the Pre-negotiation Team was able to meet with a number of RI government staff persons and to formally handover the letter in Jakarta.

At the end of 2012 we will send the Pre-Negotiation Team again to Jakarta as a continuation of our efforts to make rational, democratic and peaceful approaches. Continuation of these efforts will be made to negotiate further concerning the willingness of the RI in the matter and to identify fixed times for further stages of negotiations.

If the RI is not willing to be open within the timeframe that we will put forward in our initiatives, then we will increase our negotiation and consultation efforts by involving a third and neutral international party to mediate the process regarding the problems of political and legal status between RI and the Federal Republic of Papua. In addition to that, we will also make preparations for finalization through International legal public mechanisms.

We will enquire with the U.N Secretary General and also to every member of the U.N regarding the form and method required to finish this dispute which we are facing. For until now we have used methods to try and finish this dispute that are peaceful and democratic, in accordance with matters of advocacy and pressure from all members of U.N. What understandings of our human rights do they hold? What are their understandings of the peaceful methods they refer to? If our understandings and comprehensions are the same regarding democracy, human rights and non-violent methods, then why doesn’t every member of the U.N immediately recognize the Declaration of the Restoration of Independence of the Nation of Papua? As the results of the internal democratic processes of the people of Papua. Why is RI allowed to continuously carry out actions that are not democratic and which violate Papuans human rights? Why is the RI able to sentence us as political prisoners? As the holding of the II National Papuan Congress and the Declaration of the Restoration of the Independence of Papua are of one meaning and are about judgments on democracy and human rights. The problems regarding democracy and human rights in Papua need to be separated from the matter of democracy and human rights of RI. As every nation has a right to arrange its own democratic mechanisms.

Ladies and Gentlemen we ask for your awareness such that every member state of the U.N does not just see their own interests and interests of RI and yet sacrifice West Papua’s human rights and our independence. The interests of RI must be firmly separated from the matter of political independence of the Nation of Papua.

We are extremely optimistic and truly convicted, that in the future every nation will agree and acknowledge at law the existence of the Federal Republic of West Papua; And that the Federal Republic of Papua will receive recognition and a restoration of our administrative powers of government from RI in a just, democratic and peaceful manner without negative discrimination

To the end aim of recognition and restoration of these powers, we will continue to carry out pre-negotiation approaches to RI in Jakarta until the year 2013 with a view to carrying out negotiations and consultations can occur between RI and the Federal Republic of Papua.

Finally in closing, please enjoy the commemoration on this date 1 December 2012, of 51 years since the recognition of the independence of the nation of Papua and my good wishes to you all for Christmas!
May God be with us all. S h a l o m ! M e r d e k a……..!

President of the Federal Republic of West Papua

Abepura Prison, 1 December 2012

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