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wp Just In: U.S. Seeks Expanded Military Ties with Indonesia

November 28, 2012

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A senior U.S. official says Washington should expand
its military ties with Indonesia, befitting a relationship between two
robust democracies.

Top diplomat for East Asia, Kurt Campbell, said those ties have grown
in recent years, but not fast enough.

Campbell was speaking Tuesday at a gathering of the U.S.-Indonesia
Society in Washington.

The U.S. severed military ties for several years after of
Indonesia’s bloody crackdown in East Timor in 1999. Jakarta has
since sought to professionalize and modernize its military. Key U.S.
restrictions on engagement with Indonesia’s feared special forces
were lifted in 2010.

Human rights groups say Indonesia’s military abuse continues,
particularly in the restive province of west Papua.

Campbell also advocated deeper ties between the two governments and
praised Jakarta’s leadership in regional diplomacy.end of story

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