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wp OPM to hold 4-day festival from 26 – 30 November. Calls on security forces not to intervene

November 26, 2012

Bintang Papua, 4 November 2012

Jayapura: The OPM, Organisasi Papua Merdeka, the Papuan Liberation Movement, plans to hold a West Papuan Democracy Festival or Summit Conference of the TPN/OPM from 26 – 30 November in Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya, Papua and has called on the security forces of Indonesia to stop all acts of violence and shootings while the festival is under way.

The commander of the OPM, Goliat Tabuni, whose headquarters is in Tingginambut said that they had called on the security forces to avoid doing anything that would disrupt the event. ‘The security forces should not come here to Tingginambut and should do nothing to disrupt the event while it is in progress.’ He also said that during the event he would be confirmed as the Supreme Commander of the OPM. ‘Besides discussing the struggle of the OPM, I will be confirmed as the supreme commander of the OPM.’

He said that in order to ensure that the event proceeds peacefully, they have sent letters to the chief of police in Puncak Jaya and the deputy police chief of Papua requesting permission for the event.The letters were sent in order to notify the authorities about the event and in order to ensure that it proceeds without disruption. He also said that all OPM groups from Sorong to Merauke have been invited as well as sympathisers.

The chief of police has confirmed by phone that he has received notification of the intention to hold the event which was sent by a courier from Goliat Tabuni. He confirmed that the police had been asked not to disrupt the event from beginning to end

Asked about his response to the event, the chief of police refused to comment. ‘We have been asked not to interfere’ was all that he would say.

[Translated by Tapol]

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