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Report on KNPB actions in West Papua

October 23, 2012

Report on KNPB actions in West Papua

October 23, 2012 By: admin Category: News

KNPBnews – Action peaceful people of West Papua in order to demand the United Nations to send observation team to West Papua and West Papua mediate referendum on the entire West Papua and outside Papua today (23/10). In almost entire region of Papua, which is also action in support of international parliaments meeting in London was held under the pressure of the armed forces. Homeland armed forces make arrests, forcible dissolution, and shooting. Here reportasenya.

Jayapura, KNPBnews – KNPB peace rally in Jayapura today (23/10) took place under pressure from the armed forces of the republic of Indonesia. Armed forces of the union army / police force membuarkan with peaceful protest. About 5 West Papuans detained for no apparent reason. The points of action in Sentani, Jayapura city, Abepura and Waena tightened by the military and police union. Catching wild also conducted and are currently being identified.

Timika, KNPBnews – peaceful protest in Timika conducted peacefully in the form of prayer and worship. Appropriate worship of West Papuans in Timika Region by truck to Timika district police headquarters to urge the release of the Timika Region KNPB Chairman, Steven Itlay and vice chairman of the National Parliament I Bomberai West Papua region, Yomario Yatipai were arrested and are being treated people in jail.

Manokwari, KNPBnews – KNPB peaceful demonstration in Manokwari blocked and attacked by a joint military / police. Board KNPB in Manokwari, Alex Katagame demo along with 10 members of the mob arrested. Police opened fire on mass action, on behalf of four members of KNPB Melkias Wanagau,. Maikel Similarly, Melkias Wanagau and Adison Peyon shot. Until now Alex with ten others had been released at the insistence of mass action KNPB in Manokwari.

Yahokimo, KNPBnews – Yahokimo ongoing peaceful protest in a peaceful and festive. Thousands of people of West Papua mediated by KNPB in Yahokimo delivered speeches and recited the statement.

Pak-Pak, KNPBnews – peaceful protest in Pak-pack KNPB diblode by the armed forces of the republic of Indonesia. KNPB Chairman, Arnold Kocu arrested at 08.30 this morning.

Biak, KNPBnews – One before held a peaceful demonstration, military / police raid on the Student Dormitory
Biak and arrested two officials KNPB, Paul Alua and Bastian Mansoben.

Sorong, KNPBnews – In Sorong one KNPB board, Yali Gombo was arrested with a car commando action. All the action was captured and disbanded. Until now Yali was interrogated.

Merauke, KNPBnews – Action support meetings in London were carried out by KNPB and the Regional People’s Parliament (PRD) in Jalan Bubul Merauke. Actions performed by the speeches and statements of support to IPWP readings in London and the demands of the United Nations.

Manado, KNPBNews – Actions performed in front of the parliament by the masses who are members of KNPB. Coordinated by Hezekiah Meage, masses moving towards Parliament and make speeches supporting the meeting in London, also demanded that the UN immediately sent a monitoring team to push referendum in West Papua.

Napier, KNPBNews – In Makassar people of West Papua, led by Josiah Meage incorporated in the Papuan People’s Solidarity action in West Irian Liberation monument. The action took place peacefully even in police custody.

While other areas in Papua have prayer and worship. Prayer and worship are also made by Papuan Students in Surabaya (wd).

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