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Dozens of flying Morning Star flag in Manokwari

August 9, 2012

The land surrounding the Papua Dozens of flying Morning Star flag in Manokwari
Written By MUSA ABUBAR Category: About the Land of Papua

Jayapura (9/8) — Thursday (9/8) afternoon, hundreds of mass demonstrations in Manokwari, West Papua, which commemorates the international day of indigenous (Indigenous Peoples Day) on each, 9 Agutus, bringing dozens of the Morning Star flag. Mass action swinging BK tied in several wood into the air for about one hour.

From information compiled, Thursday (9/8) afternoon, dozens of morning star (BK) of various sizes, waved to the masses that will commemorate the indigenous longmarch Manokwari, West Papua, Thursday, August 9, 2012.

Morning star amount is tied in several short wood, then held by dozens of protesters, then waved in the air. The mass of the flag waving in the air for an hour. That was done done in front of the Papua Customary Council (DAP) Region III Mankowari.

Action was carried out before the masses do logmarch around town Manokwari. They (the masses) degrade BK after the police request to not use the morning star. Until the afternoon, hundreds of mass return to the Region III Manokwari DAP Office is located at Jalan Cendronegoro or about 500 meters from Regent’s Office Manokwari, on the truck carrying the mass action. "We pray that the police were trampling the Morning Star flag," said a front Manokwari Region III Office of the DAP.

Action was carried down the street around 10:30 CDT. Region III Manokwri DAP chairman, Barnabas Mandacan said, the action begins in front of the Region III Office of the DAP next Manokwari hero then continue along the path running through Jalan Merdeka and finish in the courtyard of the Church Eli, Kwawi.

Simon Riziard Banundi of the Institute of Research, Assessment and Development of Legal Aid (LP3BH) Manokwari said the action made West Papua National Autority (WPNA). Banundi said, they brought dozens of the Morning Star flag. "The mass of some flag waving in front of the DAP Region III Manokwari," he said.

Chief of Police Resort (Police Chief) Manokwari city, Augustine AKBP Supriyanto as confirmed through short messages via mobile phones, has denied the masses carry the flag. According to him, no raising of the morning star during the demo. (Jubi / Abubar)

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