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Regenvanu joins International MPs to voice concern over West Papua

July 20, 2012

1) Regenvanu joins International MPs to voice concern over West Papua

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Member of Parliament for Port Vila, Ralph Regenvanu, has joined 10 other international members of parliament from Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand to voice their concerns over the recent escalating of violence in West Papua.
The international parliamentarians voiced their concerns through a statement to the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono about the violence in Wamena and Jayapura.
They stated: “We are saddened by the recent murder of West Papuan independence leader Mako
Tabuni and we express our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
“We call on you to conduct a thorough investigation into Mako Tabuni’s death.
“We are also concerned by the recent re-imprisonment of Buchtar Tabuni and his colleagues, Jufri Wandikbo and Assa Alua, and the continued imprisonment of Filep Karma, an Amnesty International recognized prisoner of conscience, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raising the Morning Star flag at a peaceful protest.
“We ask you to release and to drop all charges against these detainees and others who have been held for peacefully expressing views.
“We also request your help in assuring that Mr. Tabuni and his colleague be released immediately from custody, as we have further concerns that he may be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment.
“We call on you to allow foreign journalists and humanitarian organizations entry into West Papua in order to provide a comprehensive report of the human rights situation there.
“As the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, we support the indigenous peoples of West Papua’s call to a genuine act of self-determination, a right which was not recognized in the 1969 Act of Free Choice. We are therefore deeply troubled by your government’s suppression of political activity in West Papua.
“We urge you and your government to end the violence in West Papua,
by listening to West Papuans call to self-determination, rather than attempting
to silence them,” the 11 members of parliament stated.
The group of parliamentarians included; Andrew Smith, MP (United Kingdom); Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion House of Commons (United Kingdom); Lord Richard Harries (United Kingdom)
Dr. Russel Norman, MP (New Zealand); Jamie Hepburn, MSP (Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, Scotland)
Catherine Delahunty, MP (New Zealand); Bill Kidd, MSP (Glasgow Anniesland, Scotland); Hon. Ralph Regenvanu, MP (Port Vila, Vanuatu); Cllr Alex Sobe (Leeds City Council); Eugenie Sage, MP (Aotearoa); and Cate Faehrmann, MLC Green MP (Australia).

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