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Photos of launch at Parliament House

March 1, 2012


Member of Parliament of Australia Launches Australia IPWP Region – Pacific

Along with Senator Green Party MPs

Canberra, KNPBnews. Meeting of the launch of International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) chapter Australia and the Pacific held at the Parliament building in Canberra Australia, on February 28, 2012 were divided into three sessions. Initial meeting held in private with some of Australia Parliament of the green party, which the Green Party leader, Bob Brown closed-door meeting with several leaders of West Papua, as well as members of parliament of Vanuatu and New Zealand.
In this meeting the green party leader, Bob Brown said the Greens in Australia Parta has not changed his attitude toward Papua from the past in support of the rights of its own determination for the people of Papua nasip. Green Party of Australia has melakuakn conversation about the state of West Papua, followed by an explanation of the commitment of Vanuatu and New Zealand.

Ralh Regenvanu MP, a member of Parliament in Vanuatu says that the people of Vanuatu and other members of parliament in Vanuatu West Papua independence, but this time the Government of Vanuatu has been working to support West Papua in Indonesia, it is a task for the members of parliament and the people of Vanuatu to protest and to strengthen support for West Papuan independence back.
In addition, Catherine Delahunty MP from New Zealand joined the green party supports the commitment of current issues in West Papua, but also expressly told to seek independence for the people of Papua.
In this agenda, International lawyers for West Papua, Jenifer Robinson were present help provide an explanation of the importance of solidarity and ILWP IPWP in bringing the issue of West Papua legally on an international level to the International Supreme Court.
At 10:12 AM, opened the meeting with some Australian politicians, parliamentarians from several parties have a meeting "morning coffee", led by Richard Denatallie MP, where the launch IPWP to Australia and the Pacific was launched. Richard said the parliament will seek to urge the Australian government to stop military aid to Indonesia, also consent to the release of political prisoners and urged Jakarta to open up international access to an investigation in Papua. In addition to Richard’s efforts to build a communication about what is desired by the people of Papua, including the right of nasip own.
Hose at 12.00, dimpimpin by Richard Denatalie together parliamentarians from Vanuatu Ralph Regenvanu MP and member of the New Zealand Green Party, Chatrine Delahunty and Rex Rumakiek of West Papua to open a press conference in front of reporters who packed the conference room. In a conference with Papua community are invited, each re-emphasize the issues that will be fought in the windows of parliament in each country.
A day earlier, the ruling party of Australia, Labor Party (Labor Party) through the chairman Craig Emerson told lawmakers they should not attend the International Parliamentarians for West Papua, which was organized by the Greens. Mr. Emerson said that the provincial government’s policy should remain part of Indonesia.
But lawmakers from the party including Laurie Ferguson of NSW, Fremantle Melissa Parke and Claire Moore, Labor Senator from Queensland, said that they attended the meeting.
As previously diberatakan that NCD Governor (Chairman IPWP in PNG), Powes Parkop MP could not attend the meeting and the agenda of the next IPWP in PNG.

Senator Partai Hijau Beserta anggota parlemen lainnya

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