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Glimmer of hope for West Papua Independence

December 30, 2011

Glimmer of hope for West Papua Independence
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Ricky Binihi

There will be no rest and tranquility in West Papua until Vanuatu’s Melanesian brothers and sisters are granted their freedom.
Let the message of freedom ring in the mountain tops of West Papua where OPM guerillas operate and into the streets of Jayapura where Indonesian Police systematically torture Melanesians.
That is the statement the leaders of Vanuatu and the West Papua National Council for Liberation and members of the newly established West Papua Decolonisation want to resonate in all the cities in Melanesian Spearhead Group countries and Jakarta.
Vanuatu leaders and West Papua Liberation leaders have agreed to now conduct their struggle of self determination ‘on the high plane of dignity and discipline’.
Encouraged by the statement of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, leaders and the people of Vanuatu, West Papua National National Coalition for Liberation on December 16 established a West Papua Decolonisation Committee.
Head of the WPNCL in Vanuatu Mr Andy Ayamiseba said the purpose of the Committee is to concentrate on petitioning the UN Decolonisation Committee for the re-inscription of West Papua in order for it to be granted the due process of decolonisation, which is an alternative strategy to solve the longstanding political conflict in West Papua.
That strategy was used by the Fathers of Vanuatu Independence in the late 70s to convince the United Nations that the New Hebrides was not part of France and Great Britain. Eventually London succumbed to the cry for freedom, followed by Paris.
Membership of the Committee will consist of the Leaders of WPNCL and prominent Vanuatu politicians including former Head of States and Prime Ministers.
Ordinary and financial membership would be opened to dignitaries and people with expertise from other countries.
Vice Chairman of WPNCL, Dr John Ondawame said the creation of the Committee is our response to the never ending violence committed by the Indonesian armed forces in West Papua.
“Regardless of the pleas by our people and encouragement by the International community for peaceful dialogue, however, bloodshed and suffering are still continued in West Papua. We call upon all people of West Papua to unite in supporting this diplomatic efforts,” Ondawame said.
Human rights activist Ms Paula Makabory said the work of the committee could encourage Indonesia to stop the violence and resolve the issue peacefully. She believes that only a peaceful West Papua will allow people to full participate in development.
“The establishment of the Committee is a Christmas Gift to the children, women and men of West Papua,” she said
The Secretary General of WPNCL, Mr Rex Rumakiek said the establishment of the Committee reaffirms the UN Secretary Generals vie that West Papua issue is a Decolonisation concern and the best place to for it to be discussed is the UN Decolonisation Committee.
Mr Ayamiseba said the formation of the Committee puts the Wantok Bill passed in Parliament on 19 June 2009 in action.
A former Vanuatu Prime Minister who together with the late Father Walter Lini put Vanuatu on the List of Decolonisation said “this is the noblest ideal and least Vanuatu could do for ending the suffering in West Papua.”
Three days after the Committee was established in Vanuatu, Prime Minister Sato Kilman signed a Development Cooperation Agreement with Indonesia recognising West Papua as an integral part of Indonesia.
But everyone in Vanuatu, including the majority of Kilman’s minister and the World know that West Papua was never part of Indonesia. The 1969 Act of Free Choice organised by UN where only 1025 people who were selected by the Indonesia Military to participate in was a scam.
Now only the UN can undo their wrong that is why a West Papua Decolonisation Committee was established here so that it could petition the UN Decolonisation Committee for the re-inscription of West Papua.

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