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Indonesian military burn more villages – eye witness report

October 22, 2010

The below is a translation of a report just received from the West Papua
highlands about a new wave of sweeping operations that are under way, and
the burning of dozens of homes on Monday this week:

(for photos see following link: )

Event Date: Monday, October 11, 2010. Hours 11:00 to 12:00

Bigiragi Village is a village resident with a population of about 650
people and households number about 60 families in the area of Puncak Jaya
District Tingginambut not far from the TNI and POS POS BRIMOB in Kampung
Nalime In Guragi, a distance of approximately 3.5 meters from Ilu Tolikara
noble road axis and Wamena.

The village has a church Bigiragi accommodate about 250 congregations.
population that inhabited kampong bigiragi is inhabited purely innocent

At the time of the incident on Monday on October 11, 2010 there was
absolutely no resistance from civilians empty-handed. when there peritiwa
promptly at 11 noon so that all people in posisih already out the garden
so it can not save any of their belongings: clothes, Noken (YUM), pot /
pots, pans and plates and spoon the sacred Scriptures of the People
nastrani estimated involved hundreds of Bible burning.

Eyewitnesses claimed that security forces of the Republic of Indonesia
signed Kampung bigiragi scorch the earth is wearing gray or brown back
then and they bekakan Posts POLICE. the allegation is very hard is the
police officers from the Unit BRIMOB, newly commissioned from Central
Jakarta Kelapa Dua. Who had just replaced task in early October 2010,
which entered through noble Wamena using the vehicle of Wamena L.200 of 40
cars each containing 5 of 8 company personnel or 200 personnel to guard
the newly placed in the whole area of Puncak Jaya, especially didistrik
Tingginambut and Yambi included in the town of Noble. They are turn of the
previous troops from the same base of the palm that is Bimob two Jakarta
after their duty for 4 months who previously worked in yambi and
Tingginambut oiperasi.

Weapons they use are all kinds of sophisticated weapons that are equipped
with tropong or similar weapons used by the snaper (Sorry do not know the
name of weapon). during operation in the village bigirasi Brimob officers
also siagakan machine guns in the village last nalime troops moved up
because of post-sitting nalime bigiragi looked into the village is in the
position of the slope and they all seem so easily controlled siapanpun
bernasip moving in the poor villages.

The question is Why God Put us in this country if God does not care
screams and suffering of civilians on the ground is what we sin, what is
our fault, that we know is we were born, we live, we die from generation
to generation from our ancestors from the place where Our feet are belong
to us is a divine gift from the Creator, but why do the authorities
continue mebunuh NKRI us what our sala. Is God the one put us in this
village is wrong or God put Sorong until the real owner of the grove
samarai Melanesia in the Pacific this?. If we are wrong in this country
live better we spend on our ancestral land and let this be a silent
witness over the Land of our ancestors as well.

Had a great nation this NKRI have eyes of the heart, understand the
suffering of the mass is what dirasahkan explore all our village may not
be grounded scorch by the red rooster, but we realize NKRI indeed
difficult to decrypt Butah and suffering of the people of Papua and we can
not do anything besides we begged God In Christ Papua nation which will
come to give help to us. We will not go anywhere but we are still waiting
for freedom even though maybe it was just a dream.

We civilians do not have guns but we continue to be pursued there is no
place for our shelter, no place for our shelter. We only have the Lord

Details of Fire complete and detailed:

List Houses Owner Name:


Home Owner Name




Julius Tabuni

2 houses

Honai and Kitchen


Anggelame Tabuni


Kunu / honai male


Sepius Tabuni

2 Houses

Honai and kitchen


Dekiles Tabuni

1 house



Abetemban Tabuni

2 houses

Honai and kitchen


Neranggen Tabuni

1 house



Numbungga Tabuni

1 house



Paten Tabuni

1 house



Wakoner Morib

2 houses

Honai and Kitchen


Indunggen Tabuni




Eiler Wonda

1 house



Kumbununggulik Tabuni

2 houses

Honai and kitchen


One honai holy communion preparation

1 house



Gugari Wonda

1 house



Lindies Kogoya

1 House



Pdt. Josiah Tabuni

2 houses

Honai and kitchen. A leadership council of the Church


Yonius Morib

1 house



Church Office

1 house

Housing units where the church administration



1 unit

Unit’s place of preparation khotba Pdt.Yosia Tabuni


Church Fence


Half baked


Go through the main fence


The main fence surrounding the village was burned Bigiragi



2 units

Rabbit burned and plundered by the Mobile Brigade


Senk aluminum Church

60 sheets

Senk bigiragi preparation of the new church building was looted after
diobarak upset in the attic of the church.


Glass lover

72 sheets

Diloteng destroyed the church out


2 pieces

Taken by Mobile Brigade officers


29 2kapak, 72 glass lover 60 LBR senk


1. Number of Personnel who entered the village burn Bigiragi is 18 personnel

2. Temapat holy Christian Church in Bigiragi laid upset until the glass
partially destroyed

3. All honai in the village Bigiragi ratah with the land unless the Church
is still standing have been laid though upset by the Mobile Brigade plus
one house owned by Rev.. obatemban Tabuni

4. Around the house that has burned no one property can be saved bendapun

5. Main Property Residents who saved neither is the Bible. An estimated
200-350 BIBLE that has been burned by the authorities because every honai
BRIMOB why they burned the bible there are at least 2 to 4 because because
there are alikitab husband and wife and 2 children.

6. Ijasa SMP 2 fruit, 2 and 1 high school ijasa child’s elementary
students on fire.

7. Finally in front of the Church Bigirgi Brimob install red-white flag
plainly asserted to civilians if anyone dared to open benderaini then we
will come to shoot citizens all.

As evidence of brutality BRIMOB Unitary authorities refer to the attached

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