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Petition on West Papua UN Referendum

September 21, 2010

Please Sign and forward to your personal email list:

On Tuesday 21st September a Petition on West Papua UN Referendum was posted by Peter Woods at

The Petitioners are The Collective Leaders of the Papua National Consensus,
Forkorus Yaboisembut, SPd., Chairman, Papua Customary Council (DAP)
Rev. Edison Waromi, SH., President, West Papua National Authority (WPNA)
Emr. Rev. Herman Awom, STh., Moderator, Papua Presidium Council (PDP).

The aim of the Petition is to garner as many signatures of support as possible from the world community, but especially from Papuan nationals, for a genuine Referendum in 2011, supervised by the UN.

The Consensus leaders hope that this will serve to help those lobbying at the UN, and also those seeking to bring a case to the ICJ, to indicate that the majority of Papuans are demanding their opportunity for self-determination, denied under the terms of the New York Agreement, 1962/1969.

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